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VETERAN owned and operated

In 2011, Jon Barton founded  WARFIGHTER BREWING COMPANY as a way to create unique jobs and career paths for veterans as they transition for military service.

Prior to that, since 2006, Jon had been creating jobs for vets wanting to work in the motion picture and television industry through casting and off camera staffing positions.  One night after work in 2010, Jon and his team were relaxing at Island's restaurant in Marina del Rey over a round of Stone IPA, and they were having this amazing time telling stories and sharing memories of deployments and world travels. Jon's good friend Jerimiah Horton raised his glass and toasted the evening, saying he wished he could bottle this night up and serve it every day.  Jon sat back and thought about that for a few minutes and the wheels began turning. Later that week,  Jon wrote the business plan for Warfighter, and vowed to create a product and an experience all vets could share, giving them their own nights to remember. 

What they don't tell you when you ant to open a brewery in LA county, is that you shouldn't get your hopes up.  Between zoning and commercial building owners not wanting a brewery in their building, we still haven't been able to open our LA location yet. Well, at least not in LA proper.

 WE have had extensive conversations with El Segundo and the future of WBC looks bright  in that magical city by the sea.  Stay turned for more as we iron this all out in the months to come!

WHERE DID THE inspiration come from for the names of our beers?

100% Veteran


Every once-in-awhile I'm asked where the inspiration came from  to use single adjectives and leadership traits as beer names. It's defiantly not as flashy, funny, hip,  or trendy,  as the ever increasing beer population out there on store shelves tends to be. But for me, that's exactly where I didn't want to be!

Deciding on the names of your beers for any brewery is a the single most important thing you can do.  It guides your identity, brand, image, hell, even your business plan and mission statement, and all the way down to  the ingredients you use to create your "signature" style and flavor.

I think it was 2 am on day three of my 7 day, 140 page epiphany writer's smorgasbord of a business plan and, ( most of you  already  know how the story goes so I won't bore with repetition) everything had been going smooth as butter in this obsession to understand all things beer, until I hit this wall when it came to the names of the flagship beer.

I tried everything from funny to trendy to cute to weird to in your face to off the wall to obscure...hours on hours I poured over everything I could think of that sounded good;  every military name, phrase, operation, base, hell even gun parts and ammo types.  Nothing inspired me, and if I couldn't find inspiration in our own product name, then there was no way in hell anyone else would.   Feeling the grip of Mr. Sandman putting me in a chokehold,  I gave up and took off  my favorite Marine Corps motto shirt, threw it  on the chair inside out and fell into the awaiting comfy bed.

The next day I went back to the computer determined to solve this name problem, and right there, staring me in the face,  on the inside  of  this shirt that I'd had for 8 years  was the answer.  Stunned, I took a picture of the shirt exactly as it sat there because I knew no one would ever believe me. - JON BARTON

The saga of our move continues!

Featured Brews

  • PRIDE, Cream Stout
  • COURAGE, Barley wine
  • SACRIFICE, Cream Ale
  • INTEGRITY, Strawberry Ale
  • SHORE LEAVE, Root Beer